Wednesday 15 June 2016


In Today's world Dream is a word which most of the people have forgot with their hectic life styles and employee working style. If I ask a child whats your dream then he would never hesitate rather within seconds will disclose list of  his dreams. But the same child has hit by the society many times that DON’T DREAM and finally he becomes an adult and gives up on all his dreams.
He is currently left with routine dream of Getting a job, Getting married, Having kids, Going to Foreign country on company assignment, Kids education, kids marriage and finally waiting to die.

Mind set of people has to change from Employee thinking to Entrepreneur thinking. First important stuff in entrepreneur is having clear Dreams. We can call it with different names like vision, Goal or Dream but every thing mean the same. If you buy any autobiography of any successful person the first chapter talks about dreams. Without having clarity in dreams the journey has no meaning and direction.

Only few people have dared to dream and achieved. Every sports person dreams to play for his country, Every politician would  like to step into Assembly or Parliament one day, Every Businessman dreams of making his company number one in terms of sales or in terms of popularity. Every actor wants to become famous in the world. But nothing comes easy. It comes with lot of Sacrifices.

Always revolution happens with one person and many have become millionaires from nothing. some day some body has to take lead in a family and say enough of living a mediocre life. Let me have my own life with my own thoughts and ideas. But the starting point of any success is Dream. Henry Ford thought of producing a car for common man. Bill Gates dreamed of having his computer in every house. But none of them were rich but their thoughts were rich and never worried about critics. Critics are source of energy for dreamers. Never stop dreaming. Every thing happens twice, once in dream and once in reality. If it doesn't happen in dream then there is no way that it will happen in reality.

Dream has to be Specific, Measurable, Accurate, Realistic and Time Bound. It has to be written in present tense and  not  in future tense. “I have a car” and  not “I want to buy a car”. Future tense is always future even if we achieve 90 years. Our sub conscious mind always treats the action to be in future. It has to be measurable and quantifiable and cannot be as “I am famous in the world” cannot be quantified.

Writing Dream as clear as possible is the best thing to do. Then we are clear on what we need and by when. Here is an example for all of you.
I am doing a house warming ceremony of my dream villa of 5 bed room in 600 square yards in North East corner plot in Banjarahills with 4 parking slots and swimming pool on the top of house and garden, pooja room and sports room, meditation room with a very nice portion to my mom and dad in Dec 2018 and it costed me 5 crore and all my relatives felt happy and friends have appreciated the way its been designed and constructed.

If at all, if we can have a pic of our dream house then that’s the best thing in life and its called Vision Board and lot of people follow and many have achieved the dream exactly like the one on the vision board.

It will be a fun and comedy for a person who is not aware of the term called Dream and he would laugh at every thing but its important to understand one thing that, he is laughing at his own sub conscious mind that I cannot achieve this and its impossible for me to achieve all these.Being a common man we don’t have right to dream. So never laugh at others dreams rather appreciate them saying you will achieve and slowly your sub conscious mind accepts that its possible for me too.




  1. Super, keep writing some more like this
    I drew a visionboard now

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  3. Absolutly simple and very clear article on DREAMS... I am implimenting the same... Thank you for writing.

  4. Very sharply put the beautiful concept of dream and reminded my weakness also . Thank you so much Sripad sir ..

  5. Nicely written short and crisp. Quantifiable Dreams the way to go.. hope to see more about your experiences..

  6. Nicely written Sripad.... Plz read my blog why most of dont have dreams...

  7. It's awesome Sripad, I jus knocked my sub conscious mind while reading ur dream. I'm in process of knowing purpose of life, I believe that dream is a key tool to know that and to drive u strong. It's an eye opening lines for me as a young start up.... Thanks a lot I give u a bow......

  8. Nice article Sripadh, I wish you achieve new heights and inspire people around you like this, by do things different from routine. Wish you all the best and success for the path you choose.

  9. Wow.. It's an amazing article Sripad sir. I'm implementing it. Thanks for writing and sharing with me.

  10. Hi sir , it is so nice of you for sharing such a wonderful writeup on dream and the purpose of dreaming, today your blog recollected my dreams once again,it inspires me a lot..Pls share more..

  11. Hi sir , it is so nice of you for sharing such a wonderful writeup on dream and the purpose of dreaming, today your blog recollected my dreams once again,it inspires me a lot..Pls share more..